QR Code Generator from Zebra Crossing

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QR Code Generator from Zebra Crossing

Need a QR Code for something?

If you ever find yourself in need of a QR Code generator, follow the link below to try the Zebra Crossing QR Code generator. The generator has the ability to create codes for Phone Numbers, Detailed Contact Information, URLs and a bunch more. The main project website can be found at http://code.google.com/p/zxing/ where you can read about the project’s roots and get a link to the Android tool for offline (and online) code deciphering.

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Freebie! Crossover Mac and Linux on 2012-10-31

CodeWeavers' CrossOver XI IconCourtesy of the folks over at CodeWeavers, they are giving away free licenses of their flagship CrossOver application. Unbelievably the licenses they are giving away include a 12 month support entitlement as well. Make sure you check into http://flock.codeweavers.com on October 31st between midnight and 11:59PM (Central Standard Time – GMT -0500) to get your license.

For those of you unfamiliar with CrossOver, it is a front end application for the Wine project that allows you to run Windows applications on Linux and Mac OS X. If building your own “bottles” isn’t your thing, you can now use “CrossTies” for well know Windows applications.

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Application of the Week Series Starting Wednesday

Application of the WeekOver the years I have been known as a go-to resource when friends and colleagues have had the need for an application to do things ranging from the everyday to the totally obscure and complex. Having surfed through 1000’s of sites and tried and tested 1000’s of applications over the past 15+ years, I’ve been able to find more than a few applications that have become indispensable in my day to day work and life, and would like to share some of them with you.


Beginning this Wednesday I will be starting up my Application of the Week series. The posts will cover Windows, Linux and/or Mac, with a primary focus on tools that are Open Source, Low Cost or Free. The applications themselves will be covering the vast majority of uses for the novice through advanced user, parent, friend and volunteer support person.
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How-To: Multiboot Fedora 17 and RHEL 6

How To Multi-boot Fedora 17 and RHEL

Fedora LogoAfter doing a bit of digging I hadn’t found any articles around for folks that had had issues with GRUB2 on Fedora 17 with multibooting Fedora and RHEL.  On my laptop I had run Windows 8 and RHEL 6.2 prior to installing F17.

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Password Managers 101


While trying to manage what seems like a few hundred passwords covering multitudes of websites, remote systems and client systems, I have tried a wide variety of applications and methods to stay on top.

With the unfortunate news about one major site after another suffering password breaches over the past year, the age old advice of “Never Reuse Passwords” must really be taken to heart.

The main tools that I have used since 2004 have been Microsoft Excel, KeePass and most recently (for the past 6 months), LastPass.  All of these methods have their pro’s and con’s, which I will discuss through the rest of this article.

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How-To: Use an SSH Config to Simplify Remote Shell Access


If you happen to have more than one SSH session that you need to use on a regular basis or happen to have various identities one of the easiest ways to manage them is by using a config file.  In this case the file is going to be ~/.ssh/config (you can use /etc/ssh/ssh_config to make options available to all users on the system).

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How-To: Add a New Item to GNOME 3’s Open With Menu


GNOME IconAfter fighting through a painful time in being able to get my Portable version of Sublime Text to be able to open text files via the right click menu I figured that it might be handy to post a quick guide to the future use by the GNOME 3 community.

Technically the process isn’t too difficult however what I ran into was a brutal time finding out what was required.  GNOME doesn’t have an option in it’s configuration applications, nor was there anything readily visible in it’s configs to add or edit how MIME Types are handled and with what.

Check out the rest of the post for more information and sample .desktop file contents.

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Fedora 17 – A Fresh Beefy Miracle Review

Fedora LogoWhile the name can bring to mind any number of images, the latest rendition of Fedora (a.k.a. Beefy Miracle) is now a Beta.

Version 17 of the Fedora Core OS brings with it the most recent versions of GNOME 3 (3.4.1 of the gnome-shell with the first round of updates), KDE 4.8, G.I.M.P. 2.8 featuring a unified window (Woohoo!!!) and a tonne of other updated goodies.

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